How are Mink Lashes Produced? Take a Look With Giovanni Lash

Mink Strip Lashes’s 7-Step Production Process

Mink Lashes Produced 1. Design Mink Eyelashes Drawings

Mink Lashes Produced: There are only a few eyelash factories in the market that design their own eyelash styles, and most eyelash factories without a designer can only copy other people’s eyelash designs.

The first step in the production of Mink Lashes is the design drawings, and the workers will make luxurious mink eyelashes by hand according to the design drawings. (wholesale mink lashes)
The first step in the production of Mink Lashes is the design drawings, and the workers will make luxurious mink eyelashes by hand according to the design drawings. (wholesale mink lashes)

Giovanni Lash vendors is one of the few eyelash companies with designers. Our designer Mr. Gao has designed tens of thousands of eyelashes. Most of the styles you see in the market are from his hands. We have a lot of The design patent of the eyelash style.

If you want to know which styles are designed by Mr. Gao, I can tell you one, Lilly lash’s most popular Miami.


Different styles of eyelashes have different length and direction requirements. To combine them into the most beautiful appearance, this places high demands on the designer.

Mr. Gao has studied thousands of different eye shapes. He is good at painting and sculpture. He can design eyelashes that fit anyone.

When you cut a section of 21X mink lashes, you will get another new eyelash style. Such a design cannot be imitated by others, even if they imitate our appearance, they cannot have this function.

Mink Lashes Produced 2. Prepare The Raw Materials

The main raw material of Mink Lashes is mink hair, usually we only use mink tail hair, where the hair is the longest and complete.

In the beginning, the hair on the mink’s tail was useless. The mink factory breeds mink, mainly to provide mink fur to make mink coats in cold areas. Some people make the mink tail into a fur ball on the collar of their clothes, but most people choose to discard this part.


In an innovative coincidence, someone discovered that this abandoned material could be used to make the most beautiful false eyelashes, and a new industry was born. You don’t have to worry about cruelty , because mink lashes is a product built on resource recycling. Environmental protection is a beautiful word, but some people have turned it into a weapon.

Now, someone collects mink tail hairs and classifies them according to length and thickness. The raw materials of unsorted mink fur are very cheap, and the raw materials of classified mink fur are very expensive, because this is a work that only hand made can do and it is very hard.


Giovanni Lashes’ high-end mink lashes only use the most expensive and meticulous raw materials. If you think our high-end mink lashes are expensive, of course, this is originally a luxury.

Mink Lashes Produced 3. Workers Make Different Parts of Mink Eyelashes By Hand

A skilled worker needs half a year of training to start making eyelashes. Usually a worker will only be responsible for part of the process of making 2-3 eyelashes throughout his life.

Each pair of eyelashes is composed of different parts made by different workers.


In fact, it is normal to have several different designs for the same lashes style. The complete eyelash design drawing only exists in the designer’s mind. When they are combined according to the law, a complete mink strip lashes will be born.

Mink Lashes Produced 4. Combine Into Semi-Finished Products

Combine the different eyelash parts made by the worker. There are two other processes here, namely glue injection and cutting.

The injection of eyelashes is a very important process that is often overlooked. Even if you visit the eyelash factory, the supervisor may not introduce you to this process. Because he forgot, LOL.

The glue injection process of Giovanni Lashes’ high-end products is one of our core business secrets, but I will reveal some to you today.
If you have used a lot of eyelashes, you may remember those that hurt your eyelids. Their band is very hard. If the location is not right, you will be poked into tears.


Why is this? This is because the lashes who is very hard band the glue it uses is not good enough in glue injection .
Giovanni Lashes’ exclusive formula glue can ensure that our luxurious mink lashes are always band-soft.

What is the cutting process of eyelashes? If you observe carefully, you will find that the eyelashes on the workbench are always too long. Yes, do you see the line in the middle? From there, with a click, you will get a semi-finished eyelash.


Mink Lashes Produced 5. Mink Eyelash Styling

Seeing this, you will find that all eyelashes are still flat. If you wear such eyelashes when you go out, your friends may ask why you have to put a steel needle on your eyelids. Is this the latest cyberpunk style?

In order to prevent this from happening, we have to shape the eyelashes. To put it simply, we need to roll them up, and then process them to keep them curled.

According to the different degree of curl required by the designer, different thickness tubes are used. If this eyelash curl is relatively high, then we will use a thinner tube. If this eyelash curl is relatively low, we will use a thicker tube.

Of course, this is not the end, but just the beginning. After we roll up the eyelashes, we have to shape them, just like you are going to perm. If you just roll them up, they will return to their original shape when you open them.

“chemical styling method”Β 

At present, the most popular eyelash styling process on the market uses the “chemical styling method”, which is to soak the rolled eyelashes with a chemical solution to fix them at a certain degree of warpage. It’s not the green bubbling wizard potion you imagined, but the kind that the barber puts on your head when you perm your hair. The regular eyelash factory will have a cleaning process after using the “chemical styling method” to shape the eyelashes, so you don’t have to worry about chemical residues.

Different factories use potions of different costs, and fake eyelashes made with inferior potions have a pungent smell or a strange fragrance. Customers wearing such eyelashes may cause adverse reactions, and you should avoid using this product to develop your brand.

“physical styling method”

In addition to the “chemical styling method”, there is a relatively rare process on the market, that is, the “physical styling method”, which is used in Giovanni Lashes’ high-end eyelashes. The heat setting method uses a machine to heat the fixed eyelashes to a certain temperature to keep it curled.


Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Why don’t people use this method? Because of the chemical potion, if you don’t know how to configure it, you can buy it from others.

The heat setting method requires repeated experiments. If the temperature is too high, the eyelashes will be damaged. If the temperature is low, the setting will not be effective. The heat setting process can only be carried out once, if the target is not reached once, then this batch of eyelashes can only be scrapped.

In order to realize the heat setting process, the Giovanni Lashes factory initially experimented for half a year and lost tons of eyelashes, so we got the perfect heat setting process. Let us pay tribute to the designer and the staff who participated in the experiment!

Mink Lashes Produced 6. Install the Lash Tray and Pack the Mink Lashes.

When the eyelash styling is over, we have completed most of the technical work. The next work is up to you.


You have to choose what kind of eyelash packaging to use, and we will install the corresponding tray for you. If you do not specify the pallet style, we will use 5*10.5cm pallets by default, and their corresponding box size is 4.3 inch x 2 inch x 0.5 inch (109.2 mm x 50.8 mm x 12.7 mm). To learn more about eyelash trays, you can read this article: How can I choose the right eyelash tray size?
If you still don’t know what eyelash packaging to choose, you can visit our eyelash packaging page: Lashes packaging.

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