20mm Mink Lashes

20 mm Mink lashes Wholesale

Giovanni lashes, the best choice for your eyelash brand products and lashes suppliers, specializes in providing high-quality wholesale 3d mink lashes of Siberian 3D mink lashes.

20mm Mink Lashes Is Now The Most Popular Eyelash Length For Consumers

Choosing Giovanni Lashes High Quality 20mm Mink Eyelashes Is Your Most Correct Decision

Check out our 20mm mink lashes and compare it with some other 20mm mink lashes on the market. You will find that the eyelashes provided by some merchants are harder, the color is darker and too shiny.

This is because some products use chemicals during the manufacturing process, which can cause product damage and may cause discomfort to the wearer, because they may contain chemical residues and be hard.

Our mink lashes use all-natural production methods, pollution-free and cruelty-free, which can bring a good user experience to consumers. If you want to start an eyelash business, what could be more successful than a good product like this? It is the best choice for your eyelash business.

Extremely Efficient Product Delivery And Fast Delivery To Escort Your Eyelash Business

We are the only eyelash factory in the market with a complete industrial chain. We can guarantee that the eyelashes obtained by customers are the most cost-effective products of the same quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I order samples of 20mm mink eyelashes?

Yes, we welcome ordering samples to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.

2. Do you have MOQ restrictions on 20mm mink lashes?

MOQ, 10 pairs can be used for sample inspection

3. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

We usually ship via DHL, UPS, FedEx or shunfeng. It usually takes 2-5 days to arrive. Airlines and sea transportation are also optional.

4. Can I print my logo on Box 20mm mink eyelash products?

Yes. Please notify us formally before production, and confirm the design according to our samples first.

5. What materials are used for 20mm eyelashes mink ?

The main material used is cruel-free mink.

6. What is the price range for each pair of eyelashes?

Please contact us for a specific lash price based on a specific style.

7. Do you accept orders for custom packaging?

Yes, we are willing. Our designers can help you make your own packaging.

8. Do you provide custom packaging and accept OEM?

Answer: Yes, you can. We can make custom packaging for you. You just send the logo and we will design, confirm, print and produce for your eyelash packaging order.

9. How many times can 3D mink fur eyelashes be used?

Perform 25-36 times in an appropriate and gentle manner. Pay attention to cleaning and storage in a timely manner.

10. How to make mink?

Mink is collected every year when it loses hair. Mink eyelashes usually use hair from the mink’s tail.

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