How to make custom logo eyelash packages ?

How to make custom logo eyelash packages ?

Giovanni Lashes offers custom eyelash boxes for custom eyelash packages and boxes with personal labeling solutions. With exquisite prints and various styles, designers can design the most beautiful Diy eyelash package!

Our most cost-effective eyelash packaging box, you can choose different thrust paper color box, minimize logo and brand name, reduce size, and have private label to place in prominent position Can be provided. The boxes are clear and easy to understand and are popular with customers.

We are a professional eyelash box supplier and have almost 146 styles and perfect quality luxury eyelash packaging boxes!

Magnet Lash Boxes Catalog

These style boxes can include your logo or brand name in box production time within 5-7 business days after completion.

Customize your own label with 146 different eyelash packages!

These mink eyelashes can be packaged with your own eyelash specific label and custom eyelash case from the original brand.

Due to the great demand of the 3D eyelash market, custom eyelash packaging boxes are becoming more and more popular in the market.

Mink storage box luxury eyelash box custom magnetic eyelash box diamond eyelash box packaging wholesale eyelash box, own design diamond eyelash box empty eyelash box.

Custom Lash Box *100 FREE SHIPING


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