Can False Mink Lashes Be Worn By Everyone?

Can False Mink Lashes Be Worn By Everyone?

This answer is simple, Absolutely yes!!

Everyone can wear false mink lashes, no matter what size or shape your eyes are, you can wear false lashes. The trick is, you should know is what type of false lashes to wear. Not all false lashes are made the same. (Exception: unless you are allergic to synthetic fibers or mink, if your allergic to both then you may not be able to wear false lashes)

Most people in this world who think they can’t wear false lashes is because they probably tried a pair of lashes and they were: 1. Uncomfortable, so why would they want to wear them. 2. They can’t apply them correctly. 3. The lash is way too big. 4. The lash is way too small, so why bother wearing false lashes. These are the main reasons we came across as to why some people think they just can’t wear false lashes. But, there’s a solution to all of the above.

Below we compiled a list of suggestions to try to find the right false mink lash that you can wear:

1. If your new at false lashes, the band is very important. The thinner the band the more comfortable it is and easier to apply. So if you’re a newbie, look for a natural to medium volume lash that has a thinner band . The full on glamour lashes are gorgeous but tend to have a thicker band and may frustrate you with the discomfort and it’s a little harder to apply, …initially.

2. If you gave up on false lashes because you struggled with putting them on, well it may take around 5 good tries before you get a hang of it. Most importantly, it’s the glue. You don’t want to fight with the glue sticking on your fingers. Use a glue with a brush applicator which seems to be the easiest and doesn’t goop out all over the place. Make sure the glue set a few seconds and gets tacky, then its sticks perfectly.

3. If you hated how the false lash looked on you then you had the wrong style. Rule of thumb: obviously it preference, but it’s about proportion. If you have large bold eyes and features you will look good in big long lashes, if you have small eyes and small features, the more natural wispy lashes may suit you better. But again, it is preference, BUT there are so many styles of false lashes, you may have to experiment with a few to find the one that you feel pretty in. (Also, if you have small eyes, you probably will have to trim the lashes.)

4. If you find that false lashes are irritating, maybe so. But, a lot of times it’s the glue. many people get sensitive to certain glues.There is latex glue and latex free glue. If you’re using one of these glues , switch up and see if that makes a difference.
Gl Lash Glue does not contain latex and is suitable for most people.

We wish you all the luck in finding the perfect false mink lashes.


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