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Diamond Eyelash Customized Packaging Box

Diamond Lash Custom Box is a very popular Lash custom packaging style, and many people have adopted this packaging to achieve business success. It has a very large area on the front and back to display your LOGO and brand image.

I especially want to say,EP75 is very special.

Classic rectangular eyelash box

The classic rectangular eyelashes box is a very classic eyelash box style. They have always been the mainstream of lash box styles on the market. Most luxury eyelashes use them as packaging designs. They can be designed to be very exquisite and perfectly display your eyelashes and brand image. According to the different ways of opening, it is divided into drawer box, door opening box, and classic flip box.

Square eyelash box

The square eyelash boxes is also a very trendy lash design package. Its front side can perfectly display your eyelashes, and its back side has a very large area to print any element that you want to print to show your brand. If you have a rich brand connotation, square eyelash box is your best choice.

The square eyelashes box with the LOGO sticker, you will get a perfect eyelash product.

Lash sets of eyelashes box

Some of our customers who have achieved commercial success tell us that product sets are generally more popular among consumers, and they have already received many orders from product sets. Therefore, when you need to carry out some business activities, maybe you need some special choices.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lash Box

  • What is the price of your customized packaging?

The price of our customized packaging varies according to the style of the eyelash box you want and the number of eyelash boxes you want.
Generally speaking, the more boxes you order, the lower the unit price of each box.
If you want to make custom packaging for your eyelashes, please contact our sales specialist, and our sales specialist will make a purchase plan that suits you according to your requirements.
The basic package of eyelashes 50Box for $180.

  • What is your MOQ for custom packaging?

If you want a magnet eyelash case, our minimum order quantity is 50.
The basic package of eyelashes 50Box for $180.
If you want to start with a round eyelash box, then our MOQ is 20.
Round Lash Clear Case Set

  • How do I start my eyelash packaging order?

In the simplest case, you only need to provide your LOGO and the eyelash box style you want. We will make a good design drawing for you. After you confirm the design, you can wait for the custom lash packaging of you to be completed!

  • How many kind custom packaging do you have?

We provide a variety of customized eyelash packaging, including eyelash acrylic case, eyelash paper card box, eyelash magnet box, and eyelash bag packaging. You can choose the type of eyelash packaging that suits you according to your brand positioning and product image.

  • Do you provide custom labels?

Yes, we provide customized label service and free installation. Custom labels can be used to display your LOGO and mark product names.

  • Do you provide LOGO design?

Yes, we provide LOGO design services. A beautiful LOGO design requires a design fee of $20. You can also choose to enjoy our free and fast LOGO design.

  • Can you make custom packaging for my eyelashes according to the design drawings I provided?

Yes, we can make your custom packaging for eyelashes according to your design drawings. We will translate your design drawings into a format that our engineers can understand. We will send you the design drawing for confirmation before starting production, and we will start production only after you confirm the design drawing.

  • If I have a better idea, can my previous eyelash custom packaging design be changed?

Yes, you can change your design drawing before confirming production. We can partially modify your design drawing until you feel satisfied. After you confirm the design drawing, we will start to produce custom packaging for your eyelashes.
If you want to completely overthrow your design drawings, we still offer three opportunities. You can completely negate the previous design. In order to respect the work of our designers, more than three complete modifications require additional design costs.

  • How long will it take for your customized packaging to be produced?

Usually, after you confirm the design drawing, the production workshop needs ten working days to produce customized eyelash packaging for you.

  • What transportation method do you use, and how long does it take?

We will choose to use Fedex or DHL or UPS express service according to your location. After we ship the goods, we will send you the express tracking number, and you can check the progress of your cargo transportation according to the tracking number. Usually after we ship, you will receive your eyelashes custom packaging within about five working days.

  • If I buy the eyelashes and the box at the same time, will you help me assemble them?

Yes, if you purchase eyelashes and boxes from us, Giovanni Lashes will install them for you for free. This will save you a lot of money and time.

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