How Much Does Wholesale Mink Lashes Cost?

If you search on Google: How Much Does Wholesale Mink Lashes Cost?Β I guess you must now want to start your mink lashes business.

If you just want to use false eyelashes, you won’t care about the wholesale price, whether it is the $5 pharmacy false eyelashes or the $30 handmade Siberian mink lashes. You can buy it. You will not become poor because you bought a pair of eyelashes, nor will you suddenly become rich because of a pair of eyelashes.

However, if you now want to know “how much does it cost to wholesale mink eyelashes?” then you may become rich.

1. How much cost can I start my mink lashes business?

In the past, you could not do the eyelash business without a lot of money. Because mink lashes vendors only sell large quantities of orders. Thanks to the industrial upgrade of GiOVANNI lASHES VENDOR, now if you ask:

“If I have $200, can I start my line of business?”

“If I have $100, can I start my line of business?”
” Yes !”

As long as you want to start your eyelash business, no matter how much budget you have, you can try to start your eyelash line now.

2. How should I determine the cost of my eyelashes business?

  • It depends on your budget and market planning.

For example, if you buy mink lashes that cost $2.8, your sell price is $6 per pair. Then you can earn $3.2 per pair of your lashes. If you sell 200 pairs of mink lashes every week, then you can earn $640 per week.

And if you buy mink lashes in wholesale at a cost of $6, then you can sell them at a price of $26 per pair. For each pair of eyelashes sold, you can earn $20. You only need to sell 32 pairs of fake mink eyelashes, and you can earn as much money as cheap fake eyelashes at the same time.

What price of false eyelashes you can sell depends on how you plan to sell them. According to our experience, selling online is better. If you want to know how to sell false eyelashes online, you can refer to our “How to start my mink lashes business online?“.

  • It also depends on whether you pay more attention to your customers

If your mink lashes are currently priced at $20 per pair. And your purchase cost for each pair of eyelashes is $4 per pair. So, when you change to $6 per pair of eyelashes, your brand and customer experience will be greatly improved.

We know that poor-quality products can ruin a company, and similarly, good-quality products can bring vitality and new life to a company.

The manufacturing cost of mink lashes with a wholesale price of $6 may be three times that of mink lashes with a wholesale price of $4.

Only when short-term benefits are eliminated can long-term benefits be obtained. Using mink eyelashes, which are each only $2 more, will make your business easier. How would you choose?

3. Why are there different mink lashes costs?

According to different styles, mink lashes have different prices. Some eyelash styles design are worth $300, and some eyelash styles design are worth $30,000.

According to different quality mink lashes have different prices. You can refer to our “How are Mink Lashes Produced?” page to understand how mink lashes are produced. Depending on the material and workmanship, the wholesale price of eyelashes will vary greatly.

Each worker can only produce 10 pairs of luxurious 3D mink eyelashes, and the cheaper false eyelashes are not even handmade.

The wholesale price of most 3D mink eyelashes ranges from US$2.8 to US$8 per pair.

The wholesale price of high-end handmade luxury series of fake mink eyelashes is 6-8 US dollars.

The semi-manual mink lashes, the wholesale price is 2.8 US dollars-4 US dollars.

If you want to buy fake eyelashes under $2 in wholesale, you can choose to buy vegan fake eyelashes (faux mink eyelashes or eyelashes of other materials), because if it is lower than this price, you have to beware of fraud traps.

If you go fishing, you will first pay a delicious bait. The low-price trap may give you some satisfactory goods at the beginning, and provide you with cheap products when you place a large order. Giovanni Lashes advises you to pay attention to the wholesale price of mink lashes.

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