Make money with GIOVANNI LASHE™ (Drop Ship And Wholesale)

How to Start Your Own Business ?

Be ready to easily make money with Giovanni Lashes

Get images and the dimensions or further details of what you are planning to sale from the Giovanni Lashes official website.
Be aware of the item availability. Place the order before checking if it is in stock.
You may advertise arrivals by the online connections you have, such as Facebook and Instagram. Build your own website to sell with Shopify is also a great choice.
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Ways to Place Your Order

Through our Website
Add items into your cart, apply our discount codebefore checkout(if you have). This way is easy and also the fastest way to place your order. All your information and payment are safe and secured.

2.Contact us Directly

It is totally okay if you want to place your order by contact our staff directly. Click Whatsapp to contact us and our staff will come to help you complete your order.

We certainly are going to provide you with a decent price in this way, same as through our website.
Feel free to ask any questions of your concerns. But the first thing we highly recommend you to do after you decide what you want to purchase is:
For each kind of product, we require:

  • Your choice of the color
  • Size of this product
  • Quantity you need

About Drop ship

The reason you can rely on this ship method is because the bag contains no information about our company and Giovanni Lashes official website. It is totally safe that you leave your customers’ address directly on it.

Q: What is drop shipping ?

A: It is brand new method of making money online without putting any money and without holding any inventoryit’s really nice and quite simple.

Step 1: Customer buy lashes in retail price on your webstore 

Step 2: Send order to us and pay the lashes in wholesale prices 

Step 3: We ship the lashes directly to your customer

For example youre buying lashes for wholesale $3 a pair and you’re selling it to your customer for retail $12, customer goes to your webstore she buys the $12 lashes, you take that order and you send it to us pay us $3, once we have your order we directly ship lashes to your customer, you’re not touching a single piece of of inventory and make $9 profits. You just need to hosting this service and driving the customer to your store and then you send the order to us its very simple very easy to do.

Q: What is the advantage of drop Shipping?

1. Save money & Reduce business risk

You no longer need spent hundreds dollars holding any inventory at the same time business risk is Reduced, you no longer take a risk of slow sale

2. Save time

We ship lashes directly to your customer, you no longer need handle the shipping

3. Boost profit

Without holding inventory and use our shipping you can increase profits

4. Enlarge your business without extra cost

We have more than 100 styles lashes, you can select more styles sell to your customers,we provide free lash pictures for advertising


Q: How to do drop shipping after your customer placed order ?

A: Text our Sales Rep Maggie on WhatsApp: +86 17806286210 or DM on Instagram @giovannilash_top.1

Step 1: Send us order and pay us

Step 2: We ship lashes directly to your customer

Step 3: Send you tracking number after order shipped

Step 4: Send tracking number to your customer then order is completed


Q: What’s our advantages do drop shipping ?

1. We are manufacturer specialize in mink lashes since 2001

2. 3D mink lashes & 25mm mink lashes over 100 styles in stock

3. We have cooperated factory customize lash packaging in low moq & good prices

4. We provide nice photographed lash pictures & videos for advertising

5. We are USPS vip client, we ship lashes from China to USA directly, delivery time 7 days, shipping fee start at $6.3

6. We provide Free bubble mailers, style name stickers, thank you stickers, business card, lash brushes, shipping label

7. We sign customer info confidentiality agreement to protect your commercial interests


Q:  What do we provide for drop shipping ?

1. Fluffy mink lashes over 100 styles

2. Free nice photographed lash photos

3. Customized lash packaging

4. Metal lash applicator

5. Lash style name stickers

6. Lash brushes

7. Bubble mailers with your logo printed

8. Free thank you sticker

9. Free Shipping labels

10. Detailed business tips to run a lash business


Q: How long is the delivery ?

A: We Ordinary shipping via USPS/4PX, delivery time to US need 7-12 days, Shipping fee start at $6.3

4PX tracking number query website:

(For the Shipping upgrades shipments, you can choose ship with UPS, Fedex or DHL, Arrival in 2-5 days)

About FAQ

We update our website really often to show you the most popular items. Please be aware of them.
For how long the shipment takes: We usually need 1 to 5 daysto get your items prepared. The tracking number will be provided right after. In most cases, you will receive the package after 7 to 12 days you successfully placed your order.
We accept Paypal Pay and Western Union Pay
You are also welcome to join our group on Facebook and see more updates.Click the link Here.

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