How To Put On Magnetic Lashes With Eyeliner – 4 steps to complete!

Every era has its own trend. What is the trend of eye makeup in 2021? They are Magnetic Lashes.

Have you bought your own magnetic false eyelashes? How To Put On Magnetic Lashes? flollow us…

If you are using magnetic false eyelashes for the first time, then you must want to know How to Apply Magnetic Lashes. Take a look at this article by Giovanni Lashes, which is more detailed than your instructions.
If this is your first time using magnetic eyelashes, spend some time practicing this process in a well-lit room to prepare yourself for success. Read the expert tips below and get ready to simplify your long-lasting eyelash routine.

There are only 4 steps to apply your Magnetic Lashes:

Step 1-Choose the right magnetic eyelashes and shake the magnetic liquid eyeliner

Are you ready to try magnetic eyelashes? From natural slender eyelashes to full-volume Magnetic Lashes, you can choose the look of eyelashes you want according to your comfort and eye shape. You can find them in the Magnetic Lashes option of Giovanni Lashes.

Shake your Magnetic Lashes eyeliner to make it evenly distributed.

Please shake the bottle for a few seconds before each use. Seal bottle after each use to prevent product from drying out.
Please shake the bottle for a few seconds before each use. Seal bottle after each use to prevent product from drying out.

Tip: You can curl your natural eyelashes and apply mascara. Why are you doing this? This ensures that your natural eyelashes and magnetic eyelashes blend easily to create a seamless look. Although you want to brush natural eyelashes with mascara, you must not apply mascara on magnetic eyelashes because doing so will destroy them and destroy their shelf life.

Step 2-apply magnetic eyeliner

Take your magnetic eyeliner and gently slide it along the upper eyeliner from the inner corner to the outside. You want to make sure to apply it as close to the lash line as possible so that your false eyelashes look like your own eyelashes. After it is completely applied, let it dry for three minutes or until it is no longer sticky.

Before clicking on the eyelashes, you need to make sure that your eyeliner is 100% dry. You can test your eyeliner by touching it and make sure nothing comes off. If so, you need to let it dry for a longer time before proceeding to the third step.

Tips for using Magnetic eyeliner:

Wipe the excess liner back into the bottle because you only need to wet the brush, not drip the product. This will help you get a nice straight line!

Carefully draw an eyeliner along the shape of your eye, making sure you extend the eyeliner to the end, making sure that the line is close to the root of your real eyelashes. Apply the eyeliner as close to the natural eyelashes as possible

Step 3-Trim your magnetic eyelashes and apply it

Trimming your false eyelashes is a key step in learning how to use magnetic eyelashes. Magnetic eyelashes may not be the exact shape and length of your actual eyelashes, so you need to trim them to make them fit perfectly. You can also cut them into smaller parts, such as half or third, to make them easier to manage and apply.

Use tweezers or fingers to remove the end of the real silk magnetic eyelashes and place it on top of the real eyelashes, making sure that the eyelashes are aligned with any edge of the eyelash line.

If you need to trim the lashes, make sure to cut the band so that the end is a magnet.
If you need to trim the lashes, make sure to cut the band so that the end is a magnet.

Then, gently place the bottom eyelash strip under the eyelashes and watch the magic happen! Before the eyeliner dries, let the magnet and the eyeliner slowly connect.
The magnets will be connected and you will immediately have a set of false eyelashes. If you did not align the strips as you wished, just remove them and try again! Practice makes perfect. Fortunately, there is no glue left to deal with when fixing magnetic eyelash errors.
If the eyeliner is already dry, just add more.

Tips: To get the best position of eyelashes, please try to attach the eyelashes to the outer corner of the eye before the inner corner of the eye.

Step 4-Finished!

ooooh! ! Now you have completed your magnetic eyelashes! Very beautiful, and the coolest part is that they can last up to 8 hours. In addition, our Magnet Lash has 5-10 micro magnets on the eyelash band, which means more customization and staying power. Together, they are windproof, sweatproof, and stable under harsh conditions.

By now, you may be wondering how to take off these fake makeup when removing makeup. Good news? Removing magnetic eyelashes couldn’t be easier. “Just pull the false eyelashes away from the eyelids,” Alexandria said. By doing this, you will only remove the magnetic eyelashes and your natural eyelashes will remain intact without being pulled in the process.

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