What is Lash lift?

What is Lash lift? Eyelash lifters are a low-maintenance alternative to eyelash extensions

Get long-lasting long lashes without maintenance or worry of damage.

Get long-lasting long lashes without maintenance or worry of damage.

In your quest for longer lashes, maybe you’ve piled up coats of mascara into a cluttered mess and wrestled with those false lash strips that won’t stick. Sure, there are lash extensions, which look great outside the salon, but tend to leave your real lashes looking thin and brittle (not to mention, a set can cost a whopping $200).

If you want to look Bambi rather than depressed, it’s time to consider pulling your lashes. Semi-permanent treatment is the best option for long lashes without maintenance and extension.

What kind of spell is this? Simply put, an eyelash lift is an eyelash perm that provides weeks of lift and curl. For more details, we hired lash artist Elena from Lash Studios in New York to explain everything you need to know about lash lifts.

An eyelash lift is a perm of the eyelashes.

What’s the secret to good eyelashes? Safely formulated chemical solutions. “Lash lift is essentially an lash perm that provides jaw-dropping results by creating natural curl and lifting lashes,” says Elena. “Everyone has a different lash length and growth direction. Some lashes grow downward, while others grow straight out. The lash lift process produces naturally wide-open lashes that last for weeks.”

Eyelash Lifting It requires very little preparation.

Before you start you want to prepare a clean face. “Get a clean face and don’t wear any eye makeup,” Elena advises. “Wash your eyes thoroughly with soap and water. If you’re applying mascara over your regular waterproof mascara, it’s recommended to stop using it at least 3 days before your appointment, as it will leave a residue that prevents the lashes from sticking to the adhesive .”

Expect visible lash lift results.

Be prepared to receive lots of compliments. “A lash lift will make your eyes look more open and awake,” says Elena. “You can also ask your artist to color your lashes after they’ve been lifted to make them look darker and thicker. Get ready to say goodbye to your mascara and curlers and save some from your grooming routine time.”

You can customize your eyelash lift.

All lash lifts are not created equal. “Your artist can vary the ‘tightness’ of the lash curl and add a tint to make the lashes look darker and thicker,” explains Elena. “During the consultation process, you and your artist can decide which look is best for your eyes: a soft, natural lash curl or a tighter lash curl for a more dramatic look.”

The lash lift process is very simple.

The lash lift process is very simple.

Think about what you want your lashes to look like. “Every lash lift service starts with a consultation,” says Elena. “During the consultation, your artist will ask you about your desired results and assess your natural lashes and eye shape. Based on your responses, the artist will select the appropriate size silicone curling wand to shape, lift and curl your lashes.”

hen sit down, close your eyes, and relax for about 45 minutes. “Your artist will start by thoroughly cleaning the eye area,” explains Elena. “Once any residual makeup and oil has been removed from the eyes, place a silicone curling wand with mild adhesive on the lid bordering the lash line. Natural lashes are then curled on top of the wand and secured with adhesive.”

Your eyes will be closed for the entire session, so try listening to podcasts or music. “Once the artist makes sure all lashes are combed and parted in place, lift lotion is applied to the lashes,” Elena adds. “The lifting lotion then shapes the lashes into the shape of a curling wand. Then, a styling lotion is used to hold the lash shape in place. Finally, a nourishing lotion is added to reinfuse moisture into the lashes.

Each eyelash lift typically costs $100 to $120.

Pricing depends on which salon you go to, but treatments are usually more affordable than eyelash extensions. Always make sure your lash artist is a licensed professional.

Results can last up to two months.

Eyelash lifts usually last about 6-8 weeks. Of course, it all depends on how you take care of your lashes.

Eyelash lifts are low maintenance. (!!!)

Eyelash lifts are low maintenance. (!!!)

The first 24 hours are critical. “Keep your lashes dry. Don’t get wet, sweat (do not exercise vigorously), steam or sauna for the first 24 hours,” advises Elena.

Get your hands off! “Try not to rub your eyes too much, because rubbing your eyes too much can change the curl,” she says. Elena recommends brushing your lashes with a clean roller every day to keep them airy, fluffy, separated, and tangle-free.

You can wear eye makeup and mascara, but avoid waterproof formulas. “Although you don’t need to use mascara if you want to enhance the lift, sticking with water-based mascara is your best bet,”

Elena said. She recommends using castor oil to keep lashes strong.

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