About your Mink Eyelash business! Important tips to increase your social media popularity!

Social media content is quickly becoming an important part of the development of Mink Eyelash business and online communities.

Social media allows you to build relationships, establish connections and interact with existing customers, and it is possible to find new customers!

Don’t know where to start? Here are our key tips for increasing social media engagement and turning followers into customers:

1. High-quality content video

You don’t need to have an expensive camera to shoot and shoot high-quality content. If you have excellent lighting equipment and a smart phone, you can create some amazing Instagram worthy content that your followers and customers will love! Here are some important tips to ensure the high quality of your content:

  • Lighting: When it comes to content creation, lighting is everything. Therefore, please make sure to shoot/shoot the content near a window with plenty of natural light. You can also buy some lighting equipment yourself, we provide ring lights or professional lights.
  • Audio: Record in a quiet room without echo. This will ensure that your audio is clear and easy to hear.
  • Stability: When taking photos/videos, please use a tripod or phone holder to ensure that your lens does not shake!
  • What do you insist on posting or filming? Remember the content can be:
  • Pictures – mink strip lashes photos, selfies (user-generated content)
  • Video – video of customer reviews,
  • Time – Show how time goes by in different styles, behind the scenes, how to maintain eyelashes.
  • Quotes – recommendations, mink lashes quotes, posts excerpted from Twitter, etc.
  • Memes
  • Giveaways and competitions.
  • Promotions-discounts, new products.


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Show your face on the Mink Eyelash video

Customers/followers like to see the face behind the brand, so make sure to show your face in the video. Showing your face on social media can be a major growth point because it helps build more trust with your audience and can encourage participation through comments and sharing.

So break through your comfort zone, take a picture of yourself talking to the camera, and introduce yourself to the audience.

Add text or subtitles to video content

Not only can subtitles make it easier for people who are deaf or hard of hearing to access your video, but they can also engage the audience even if the volume of subtitles is low.

Although some platforms (such as Facebook, IGTV) generate automatic subtitles, other platforms (such as TikTok and Instagram Reels) require you to add text manually. However, both applications have easy-to-use text editing tools. Please make sure that each video uses the same font, color and style to ensure that your brand is always consistent.


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Use calls to action in social media subtitles

After creating the content, you need to think about subtitles. One way to increase engagement is to use calls to action. You should always start with the first line that attracts attention, or the same call to action. For those who don’t know, a call to action is a request to a follower to do something. Therefore, this may require them to score 10 points for the post. It may be that they are asked to “double-click”. Regarding the rest of the title, it might even be a trailer. Whatever it is, this is a good place to start taking action. This is because Instagram subtitles only show one sentence in the preview, and followers must click “View More” to continue reading. Therefore, either they don’t click “View More”, or they still click “Like/Comment”, or the call to action is enough to attract followers to read.

Be Consistent

Remember, Instagram is a visual application, and people want to see your work. So, make sure to stay consistent with your content, upload stunning photos of eyelashes in good light, and interact on the platform. It will take you about 3 seconds to make an impact, so please think about framing your post. Of course, Instagram must not only have beautiful feeds, it’s much more than that… If your goal is to attract eyelash customers, then you must stop interacting with eyelash artists and focus on interacting with your own people locally.

We hope you find this blog post helpful to you. As always, if you want more tips on social media, please send us a DM on Instagram @giovannilash_top.1 and we will be happy to serve you.

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