How can I choose the right eyelash tray size?

How To Choose The Eyelash Tray That Suits My Eyelashes Custom Packaging?

When you purchase eyelashes and eyelash custom packaging from different eyelash suppliers, sometimes you will encounter such a problem: the eyelash tray you buy do not fit into your eyelash packaging well.

This is because you do not have an eyelash packaging tray of the right size.

So, how to choose the right size eyelash tray?

Let us first start to understand the popular eyelash tray sizes on the market.

5*10.5cm size lashes tray

This is currently the most common pallet size on the market. They are very spacious and can accommodate 25mm mink lashes or 7D mink lashes.

Different eyelash suppliers use different tray materials. If your eyelash trays are soft, they may use less effective material, which will save your supplier costs. Such empty eyelash trays may be easily damaged and appear cloudy.
The eyelash trays used by Giovanni Lashes are made of the highest standard materials. Our eyelash trays are very clear and strong.Orders for samples with only eyelashes are usually made using eyelash trays of this size, and they will be sent out in a dust-free package: a plastic lid of the right size and a sealed bag are put on.

4.1*10.5 size Lashes Tray

The 4.1*10.5 size trays are the earliest eyelash tray models used by mink lashes on the market. They were originally developed for 3D mink lashes.

This kind of tray is not suitable for 25mm mink lashes due to its size, but it is very suitable to use them for 20mm mink lashes and Real 3D mink lashes.

And the eyelash custom box produced using this size standard will take up less space than the eyelash custom packaging produced using the 5*10.5cm size tray, which can save you shipping costs.

Diamond Lashes Tray

Diamond-shaped trays are developed for diamond-shaped boxes. There is a circular protrusion with a diameter of 2.5cm in the middle. You can use stickers to display your LOGO here.
The diamond-shaped tray can be used on the diamond-shaped eyelashes custom packaging and the diamond-shaped eyelashes acrylic box, with a unique shape and beautiful design.

Round Lashes Tray

The round tray is also the most widely used eyelash tray on the market. It has two different sizes with a diameter of 5.9cm and a diameter of 6cm. Different sizes are used according to the size of the eyelash packaging you require. If the eyelash trays given to you by your supplier will fall out of the box, then they have used the wrong size tray for you. At present, the tray size of our most popular round diamond case is 6cm.
There is also a circular protrusion with a diameter of 2.5cm in the center of the circular tray, where you can use a label sticker to display your LOGO.

Square Eyelash Tray

The square eyelash tray is divided into two sizes with a side length of 6cm and a side length of 7cm. There is a circular protrusion with a diameter of 3cm in the middle. You can use a sticker to display your LOGO here.

This size is usually not provided by the supplier separately.

If you order a square custom package, please remember to ask your custom packaging supplier to provide you with a pallet. If they are not available, you can order eyelashes from us, and we will provide and replace the square eyelash trays for you free of charge.

Eyelash Tray With Multiple Pairs Of Mink Eyelashes

In addition to the above-mentioned types of eyelash trays, there are also multiple pairs of eyelash trays, such as 2 pairs of eyelash trays, 5 pairs of eyelash trays and 8 pairs of eyelash trays.

They are usually used in eyelash books or display templates and combination packages.

When you order an eyelash book, don’t forget to ask your eyelash custom packaging supplier to provide an eyelash tray of the right size.

If you forget, you can contact Giovanni Lashes to order false eyelashes, and we will provide you with and replace a suitable eyelash tray for free according to the size you provide. Welcome to contact us via WhatsApp!

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