How To Make Special Lashes Box Custom Packaging

Our UV printed packaging and customized eyelash packaging are very popular, but occasionally a new lash boss will find me and ask, “I want more special options. Do you have a more special eyelash box?”. In order to answer this question, we wrote this article specifically to see if there is any special eyelash packaging you want.

1. Make a special shaped paper card box-Special Lashes Box

Eyelash paper card box, low price, can be highly customized. You can add a cute little wings to them, you can also make them into a cute little girl.
Many eyelash packaging manufacturers start with MOQ500 to make paper lash boxes. You may not be able to use that much, so Giovanni Lashes can make customized Paper lash boxes for you starting with 200.










They are suitable for mink lashes and faux mink lashes. If you need to sell your eyelashes in the supermarket, you can also add hooks or perforations to them.

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2. Use additional accessories-Special Lashes Box

Using additional accessories is also a good way to make your eyelash box unique. You can add extra ribbons, handles, or metal corners to your eyelash custom packaging. These accessories will make your eyelash custom packaging look unique.

3. Advanced metal LOGO-Special Lashes Box

Premium metal LOGO is a newest eyelash custom packaging style, you can engrave your LOGO on the metal plate. If you match the special paper with crocodile skin texture, your eyelash custom packaging will look like a luxurious premium crocodile leather bag. Gives a very high-end luxury feeling.









To learn how to quickly start making your own eyelash custom packaging, click on the Custom Lash Boxes page to learn.

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