How to start your eyelash business from $198?

If you are planning to start your eyelash business and you have no idea about everything, then congratulations on reading this article!

This article is specially prepared for Lashes Beginner Package. We will tell you how to start your own eyelash business from scratch.

  1. Make up your mind, you are about to start your own business.
  2. Market research, who will your products be sold to? Know your brand positioning and pricing.
  3. Design your LOGO.
  4. Choose products and provide high-quality products to your customers.
  5. Promote your brand
  6. About inventory and shipping
  7. Fund management

1. First of all, you need to make up your mind to do this

When you read this article, you must be interested in starting your own brand. Or you have started your own eyelash business, but there is no systematic guidance.

However, if you are ready to do your own eyelash business, you need to make up your mind.

From the purchase of Lashes Beginner Package, you don’t have to imagine yourself to be a big brand from the beginning, but this will definitely give you some extra income. At the same time, you should be aware that this requires you to practice and do it. If you do not do something, even if we tell you all the techniques and methods, you still may not make money.

That’s why I listed this matter first, if you are not sure you will stick to this matter and do everything we list. Then you don’t have to waste time and money.

If you are sure that you are determined to start your eyelash shop, then you tell yourself “I’m ready” and look down!

2. Market research

There is an old Chinese saying that “knowing yourself and the enemy will never end in a hundred battles.” If you want to do one thing well, then you have to do your intelligence work well in advance. In business, you need to understand your products and customers first.
All product and market research, Giovanni Lash has done it for you. So, you just need to understand your customers.
.Understand what style of eyelashes your customers like, volume or natural
.Know what price your customers can accept for eyelashes
.Know your competitors

How to do market research?

  • Online search and offline visits

Search for mink lashes on google. If someone near you is also selling mink lashes, you can see him on Google Maps. You can go and experience their services as a consumer or visit their website to see at what price they sell their eyelashes and what type of style they sell most.

  • Questionnaire survey

You can also initiate a questionnaire in your community and list the following questions:

  • Do you make up your eyelashes?
  • Do you use eyelash extensions or mink strip lashes?
  • If it can make you more beautiful, would you like to use mink strip lashes?
  • (Your brand name) will be launched soon, do you think you are suitable for more volume lashes or more natural style lashes.
  • Do you think false eyelashes on the face are easier to attract attention than lipstick?
  • How much are you willing to spend for your false eyelashes?

When you get this information through market research, I think you already know who your product should be sold to and at what price.

3. Design your LOGO

To start your eyelash business with Lashes Beginner Package, you need to print your LOGO on the sticker. The customized label will appear in the center of the diamond case.
For how to name your lashes business, you can refer to this article: How To Name Your Lashes Business Name 2021?
A brand LOGO usually consists of an icon and your brand name. You can visit our Shortcut Lash LOGO page to quickly create your LOGO.

You can also add your social platform contact information on the sticker, and customers can continue to follow you after purchasing the product.

4. Choose products and provide high-quality products to your customers.

Beginner Package is divided into different categories, you can choose the most suitable option for your target market based on the results of your market research.
If your customers prefer the luxurious style of volume, you can consider the 21X mink lashes series of Luxury Mink Lashes Beginner Package. If your customers prefer the cheaper natural series, you can purchase the premium version of Mink Lashes Beginner Package natural style mink lashes.

You don’t need to worry about quality when purchasing products at Giovanni lashes. If quality problems occur, please refer to our return policy. Buying products at Giovanni Lashes, you are guaranteed, rest assured to purchase!

5. Promote your brand

If you want more people to buy from you, you first need more people to know you. Therefore, you should promote your business more.

  • Community promotion

If you want to start your own eyelash business, you should first get the support of your family and friends. If they happen to need these products, they may be your first customers!
You can promote your brand through people’s social interactions in your community. You should encourage those who advertise for you. For example, when a customer comes to buy from you through recommendations, the recommender will get a certain reward.
You can also distribute flyers and post advertisements in the community (please pay attention to local laws and community rules when doing these things), and invite your friends to advertise your business for you. When we want to accomplish something, the help of friends can make us more powerful!

  • Internet advertising

This is an information age, and we must be good at using the power of the Internet.
If you want to use online sales, you can refer to these articles:

How to start my mink lashes business online?

How to sell mink lashes&sunglasses online on Amazon and Etsy?

Regarding Instagram marketing, you can refer to this article:

About your Mink Eyelash business! Important tips to increase your social media popularity!

Follow our “Eyelash Business” blog section for more tips on promoting your brand!

6. About inventory and shipping

Regarding delivery, if your customer is in the community, you can provide her with a door-to-door service. Remember to call in advance to make an appointment.
If your customers are far away from you, you can use express delivery. If you use PayPal to collect payments, then you can print shipping labels for free. Call the post office to inquire about the shipping price to be mailed to your customer.
You can set customers to purchase free shipping for a certain amount, such as: free shipping for all purchases over $45. If your customer does not reach this amount, you need to charge her for shipping.
For more information about freight, you can visit the article:
How to ship lashes and other products to customers?

If your lashes are very popular, you should try to restock them before they are sold out. In this way, you will not lose customers due to out of stock. Usually, when your product is only 30% left, that’s when you should restock it again.

7. Fund management

If you buy the Luxury Mink Lashes Beginner Package and sell it at the suggested retail price of $24. All eyelashes are sold, and your profit is $282. When you make a profit, do you want to spend all your profit for consumption? Do not! If you want to make more money, you have to conduct strict capital management on yourself in the early stage of your business, so that you will have money to buy more goods.

The more goods you sell, the more profit you can get. Just like snowballing, your business will grow bigger and bigger!

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