How to ship lashes and other products to customers?

If you sell mink eyelashes or other things online, then you definitely need to know everything about shipping the product to customers. The foundation of e-commerce success is to understand the shipping process, because when you effectively transport certain items, customers are unlikely to notice. However, they will definitely notice when you don’t. One way to prevent this is to use online shipping solutions, such as Fetchy, who are experts in the following steps.

Ship on time for your Lashes customers

If a customer buys mink lashes from you through your store, then you must act as soon as possible. If possible, please pack the product on the same day. If you spend more than a week even unable to place an order, the customer will be very annoyed and they will have to wait a few days to receive her lashes. In order to find the right system to ship items quickly and efficiently, you will get happier customers. Don’t forget, a happy customer will attract you again.

Free delivery

There are several ways to motivate customers to shop with you. Free shipping is one of the best. Although it may seem that free shipping may hurt your profits, you will find that if you offer free shipping to your customers, they are generally willing to spend more. Therefore, these shipping costs will be borne by yourself and you may find that you are actually making more money.

Whatever you do, don’t turn it into a profit point. Customers will notice if you try to make money through shipping. They certainly won’t be satisfied with this, and customer satisfaction is the key to selling products and services online.

Calculate transportation costs

If you do not do any research, you may suffer losses in transit. When you received the order, it was too late to study the shipping method. You must know how to ship in advance. Get exact information about how you will ship the order and how much it will cost.

You need to buy lashes packaging that suits your product. If they move too much in a box that is too big for them, then there is a problem. Consider what is best for your product. This includes the size of the box, packaging guidelines and any packaging materials.

If you ship products regularly, you should try to determine whether the shipping service can provide you with lower shipping rates. If you often use them when shipping e-commerce, they may give you a discount.

There are several online tools that can help you calculate shipping costs. No matter which shipping provider you use, they will have an online calculator to help you determine shipping costs. Services like Fetchy can be seamlessly integrated with online markets or online stores in a few seconds, resulting in high shipping rates. Fetchy works with many different courier companies to provide you and your customers with the options they need when choosing transportation.

Be clear

Your shipping policy should be as clear as possible. You must have a frank understanding of how to handle transportation in advance with your customers. They do not have to browse multiple pages or register for an account to view shipping policies. That will only make sales more difficult and annoy them.

Also consider follow-up communications, such as sending shipment notifications and tracking information. The more information buyers have about their packages, the fewer potential conflicts.

Shipping insurance

When it comes to understanding how to ship products to customers, shipping insurance is always a good thing. There are always risks in selling products online, but these risks can and should be minimized.

This will be a judgment call for when and where shipping insurance is applicable, but if the package is lost or damaged, you don’t want to bear any costs yourself. You can choose to ensure every package you send, or just the most expensive product. If you are worried about the cost of insurance, you can always pass the cost on to consumers. Be sure to state that you have done this.

International Transport

International transportation is more complicated than domestic transportation. When deciding whether to ship internationally, it is important to consider potential problems. This may be more expensive, the risk of fraud will increase, and the overall uncertainty involved will be greater.

But there are also benefits. For example, how international shipping can push its business to the world stage, expand your potential market and create potentially higher profits.

In conclusion

Choosing how to ship products to customers boils down to answering some questions. When developing a transportation policy, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want free shipping?
  • How to insure the package?
  • Is it worth the risk to provide international transportation?

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