What are the techniques for custom packaging of eyelashes?

What are the techniques for your custom lash boxes ?

If you want to create your own eyelash brand, there is no doubt that you need an iconic LOGO and an attractive eyelash custom packaging.
Good packaging is half the success of a product.

False eyelashes are a very popular cosmetic. A girl’s appearance is very different before and after using false eyelashes. Therefore, fake eyelashes are now more and more sought after by more and more girls.
Love beauty is the nature of women.

People’s pursuit of a product will inevitably lead to the rapid development of an industry. The fake eyelash industry has developed rapidly in the past two years. The founders of many independent brands have actively participated in this industry. They have made a lot of money and have continuously expanded their business.
This makes more people want to join this fast-growing industry, but it is not easy.

Many people look for suppliers of privat label eyelashes packaging on the Internet. They are professional, but often lack excellent management and excellent customer service.

So, sometimes, you can get your product from them, but will wait for a long time. Sometimes, you can’t understand the design drawings they made. The finished custom eyelash packaging is very different from what you think. They say “we are custom packaging made according to the design drawings you have identified.”
This is certainly not pleasing.

Please note that customized products are not returned on most trading platforms as they are not recyclable or resold.
This means that if there is no effective communication and understanding, you confirm the box design that you don’t like. The eyelash factory produces a custom package that you don’t like. They are not wrong, you can only endure this mistake.
I believe this is uncomfortable for anyone.

So here I will show you some of the production techniques for eyelash custom packaging, so that you can more professionally understand the products you are going to buy or the products you are buying. I hope this will help you.

The first process, the printing process for eyelash custom packaging

Printing process, you will think this is very simple, just like printing photos. I seem to just use a printer to print a piece of paper with my logo printed on it, and roll it up. This is my custom packaging. “This kind of garbage is so expensive!”
The facts are completely different from what you imagined. The factory does use printers to print LOGOs and patterns for you, but they use very expensive and large printers. The color of the paper made by this printer is more accurate and the picture is more delicate.
At the factory, all colors except white are printed, and all boxes except white are made by the printer.
So sometimes you will wonder why my solid color box needs to wait for that long. Removing the printed pattern does not reduce your custom box process.

Sometimes you place an order again at a supplier. You find that the second custom lash package differs from the first custom lash package color. This is because the print color of a large printer is very accurate. If there is no reference, the nuances due to humidity and temperature will change the color of your custom package. So, if you order a second custom package from a supplier, you need to remind them to compare the last sample.

The second process, bronzing process for lash custom packaging

Sometimes, you want to print your LOGO on the glitter paper. This is difficult. The glitter paper looks very beautiful, but its surface is not flat, so the glitter paper cannot be printed.

You said to the supplier, “I want to print my LOGO” and they say “OK”, don’t be surprised, they use the process of bronzing.

The hot stamping process uses a heated metal template to imprint the colored material on the box. This is the hot stamping process.

Metal templates are made to your LOGO, so if you need a bronzing process when making custom packaging, it may be more expensive because it is more complex and needs to be modeled specifically for you.

The box made by the bronzing process is very beautiful, such as gold bronzing and rose gold bronzing, it will be reflective, so your logo will shine on the eyelash box, which will make your brand look very luxurious.

Most of the time, high-end eyelashes custom boxes are based on the printing process and then add a bronzing process, so the box produced is very beautiful. Most vendors won’t tell you this because it’s complicated and more expensive.

If you want to start your eyelash business from a good eyelash custom packaging, you can also choose us, Giovanni Lashes will provide you with the best products and services.

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