How to quickly start making custom lashes packaging for my eyelashes business?

Two ways of custom Lash packaging, “Quick LOGO Lash Box” and “Custom Lash Box”

You may just want to start your eyelashes business, or you already have a stable lashes business. But do you want to know how your eyelash boxes was created? Do you want to know why some eyelash suppliers can provide you with a high MOQ, while others can only provide you with a low MOQ? This article will dispel your doubts.

“Custom Lash Box”

If you already have a successful eyelash business, I believe you already have a beautiful eyelash packaging box. And familiar business processes, usually you only need to briefly describe your requirements to your suppliers, they can perfectly make the custom lash packaging you imagine.

Because of the “Custom Lash Box” process, the supplier can perfectly make the custom packaging you imagined, because every detail of this product is specially customized for you. You can make requests for every detail of your lash custom packaging.

Of course, such a service will also have some requirements for you, such as higher MOQ, such as 500, 200 or 100. You have to order a larger quantity for each batch.

“Custom Lash Box” has a relatively long time to produce customized packaging, which usually takes 10 working days to produce.

If you have a mature eyelash business, this is fine. But if you are a novice and want to make custom packaging for your eyelashes, such rules will be very unfriendly to you. Fortunately, Giovanni Lashes provides MOQ 50 for eyelashes custom packaging servise. Contact Giovanni Lashes now and you will be able to start your eyelashes business from 50 customized packages.

If you want to know how to quickly start your eyelashes custom packaging journey, click here to learn how to make eyelashes custom packaging.

“Quick LOGO Lash Box”

If you want you to start customizing your eyelashes quickly, and don’t want to invest too much in the beginning. Congratulations, Giovanni Lashes has created a “Quick LOGO Lash Box” service that is 100% suitable for you. You can choose the popular “Quick LOGO Box style” that has been tested by the market, and quickly create your LOGO.

Designing your “Quick LOGO Box” from scratch usually only takes half an hour. Best of all, the “Quick Logo Box” MOQ only requires a minimum of 30! amazing! ! ! This means that at least through our “Quick LOGO Box Park”, you can quickly get your eyelash packaging.

The production time of “Quick Logo Box” is much shorter than that of “Custom Lash Box”. It only takes an amazing 5 working days to complete the production. You no longer need to wait for the long and difficult product production time.

Contact us now via Whatsapp and start making your eyelashes custom packaging immediately!


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