How to make Lashes Label & Private Lash Label at home for free ?

If you have a lashes business or you are about to start your eyelash business. You will definitely want to know how to make Private Lash Label at home for free.
Although in Giovanni Lashes vendor, you can get high-quality Private Lash Label at a cheap price, it is still not flexible enough. If you can make Private Lash Label for free in your own home. You can design multiple styles of Private Lash Label for yourself, and you are not limited by the number.

So, How To Make Custom Lash Label At Home For Free?

First, you need to have an inkjet printer. In most businesses, this is a standard configuration hardware, you can use it to print photos and letters.

How To Make Private Label & Private Lash Label At Home For Free?
How To Make Private Label & Private Lash Label At Home For Free?

Then, you need a sticker that has been die-cut. You can prepare the patterns you need in advance, they can be square or round. You need to measure the size you need in advance.

The size of the sticker is a circle with a diameter of 2.5cm in the middle of the usual round CASE and the middle of the square customized packaging. 2.5cm is approximately equal to 0.98 inches.

Giovanni Lashes provides die-cut stickers, which you can buy directly at SHOP.

When You Have The Printer And Stickers Ready, You Can Make A OWN Lash Label For Free At Home.

First of all, you can design your LOGO in the design software. This is very simple. You only need to put together the elements you want to show. You can make your LOGO through websites like or design software. Very convenient.

Then, add the LOGO you designed or the pattern you want to display to the corresponding die-cut sticker template. Pay attention to the orientation of the paper, and remember to set the image size in the image properties. For example, if we want to print a circular sticker with a diameter of 2.5cm, we need to set the picture to a length of 2.5cm.

Then, click print! Your free private lash label is complete!

If you feel this article is helpful to you, you are welcome to share it and help more people! If you want more professional LOGO design and private lash label printing, you can purchase the Custom private lash label service provided by Giovanni Lashes. 1000 customized LOGO only costs $20!

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