The Questions Of Mink Eyelash Customers Are Concerned

The Questions Of Mink Eyelash Customers Are Concerned

1. Are you an eyelash vendors?

Yes, we are real eyelash vendors.

2. Are your eyelashes purely bristled, or velvet?

Don’t worry at all, our eyelashes are real mink fur, with Siberian mink fur, the best quality.Pure handmade.

3. What styles do you have for your eyelashes?

Our eyelashes are the most popular eyelash styles on the market, and we have a variety of different lengths, we have 16mm mink eyelashes. 20 mm mink lashes. 22mm eyelashes and 25mm mink strip eyelashes.

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4. What is the minimum order quantity for your eyelashes? Can the style be mixed?

Our minimum 3d mink eyelashes are 10 pairs, and our styles are mixable.

5. Does your eyelash price include packaging?

Dear, if you only order eyelashes, we will ship them in our unique packaging. If you want to customize the box, you need to reorder the new box.

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6. How long is the transportation time and what is the shipping cost?

Our courier uses the federal and UPS, the general transportation time is 2 to 4 days, and our shipping costs are also very cheap. It only costs $25.

7. Can you custom packaging boxes?

Of course, we are a professional eyelash and eyelash supplier for custom packaging. The style of our packaging is very large, you can choose the style you like, and send us your logo we will arrange production for you.

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8. If there is no logo, is the design logo free?

Of course, dear, we have a professional design team, will help you design the box logo according to your requirements, we will not charge any fees, and will complete the design in 24 hours.

9. What is your payment method?

We have a variety of payment methods, mainly Paypal, western union and Alibaba trade insurance orders.

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