The Best Wholesale Magnetic Lashes You Need in 2021

Dear entrepreneurs, magnetic eyelashes are the most popular product in 2021. In order to let you know this product clearly, we specially asked someone to evaluate it.

Let’s take a look at the product evaluation:

Trust: They’re waaay easier than glue-on lashes.

Hi everyone, my name is Monica. Okay, I really, really want to be someone who can successfully and easily wear false eyelashes-however, despite hours of (legal) practice, I am not. Like, I have tried various types of striped eyelashes and single eyelashes. I have seen all the tutorials on how to use false eyelashes, but I still encounter some nightmares of glue, stickiness, and bending. This is why I have also become the unofficial mascot of magnetic eyelashes-that is, the best thing that has happened to my eyes since I was born?

But, of course, like everything we stick/stick/put on our eyes, there are a few things to consider before going all-in. For example, are magnetic eyelashes safe? Which are the best brands to use? Therefore, in order to clear up the confusion, I contacted Haberman, MD, an ophthalmologist at the Lange Health Center of New York University, to answer all your questions about wearing magnetic eyelashes, and then the best set to buy and try. But first…

What are magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes are false eyelashes. Use (1) the clamped magnetic eyelash strips or (2) the magnetic eyeliner applied on the eyelids to stick it on your eyes. When using “sandwich” type magnetic eyelashes, one (with a magnet on the bottom) is placed under the eyelashes, and the other (with a magnet on the bottom) is placed on the top of the eyelashes to be glued together and sandwiched between the two bands in the middle of your natural eyelashes .

On the other hand, magnetic eyeliner eyelashes look like classic false eyelashes, but instead of using glue to stick them, use a magnetic eyeliner. These eyeliners are full of iron oxide and work like a paint magnet, and there is a small magnet strip at the bottom of the eyelashes. Just draw a line on the top of your eyes (cat’s eye, winged eyes, whatever) and glue them on-it’s easy.

Will magnetic eyelashes ruin your real eyelashes?

When to use it correctly (and with caution)? No, magnetic eyelashes will not damage your real eyelashes and are considered very safe, especially when you use magnetic eyelashes. Buuuut if you use magnetic strips attached to your eyelashes and wear them all day long, will it be true? So yes, you do run the risk of over-stressing the hair follicles and damaging the natural eyelashes.

“I recommend limiting the use of magnetic eyelashes that are sandwiched between your own natural eyelashes to avoid any potential eyelash damage or traction alopecia,” said Dr. Haberman. FYI: Traction alopecia is a medical term used to describe hair loss caused by repeated pulling of the hair. This is not to say that you can’t wear it once or twice a week, but be careful not to overdo it.

Is magnetic eyeliner safe?

Listen, anything new near your eyes can cause irritation, contact dermatitis, or allergic reactions, whether it’s a magnetic eyeliner or a basic gel eyeliner. So basically, don’t try it for the first time before a large event. But what about hair loss or natural eyelash damage? “In terms of traction alopecia, magnetic eyeliner may be safer because the false eyelashes are supported by your eyelids, not just your natural eyelashes themselves,” said Dr. Haberman. You know, it’s like classic striped eyelashes and glue.

Now that we are all on the same page, continue to scroll through our 3 favorite magnetic eyelashes in 2021 β€” and tips and tricks for using them properly.


5 Pairs Faux Mink Magnetic Lashes Set

Β $5.98


If you are a little bit cautious about false eyelashes at first-let alone false eyelashes-let these facts created by the ophthalmologist (!) to calm your anxiety. These eyelashes not only fit comfortably behind glasses or sunglasses, but instead of curling your eyelashes in tight magnets, they stick to the included magnetized liquid liner. Just draw your cat’s eye, let it dry, and then use the applicator tool to stick to your eyelashes-honestly, this is a game changer.


8D Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit (7 Set 2 Liner)

Β $6.98


Okay, if your buying habits are heavily influenced by reviews (hello, same), please note that these are the best-selling magnetic eyelashes on Amazon, and their sellers have more than 23,000 reviews (almost 80% of which are four-star and above). The kit comes with five pairs of different levels of ~drama~ eyelashes, and comes with the included magnetic liquid liner. Hurry up and wholesale it! You can also sell so many!

And the fact that you can reuse each pair up to 30 times makes it worth every penny IMO .

Updated 3D 6D Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit- 2 Tubes of Magnetic Eyeliner- 16 Pairs Magnetic Eyelashes Kit

Β $12.99


Perfect for people who want to play with magnetic eyelashes (maybe you are trying to create some epic Halloween makeup?), this affordable kit comes with up to 10 pairs. Even if you get a lot of scope here (seriously-it has everything from bold and thick to long and elegant), you are not sacrificing quality. Thanks to the magnetic eyeliner, these eyelashes can stay in their original shape and are easy to reuse.
You can also mix their styles to provide your customers with more choices. Hurry up to Wholesale Magnetic Lashes.

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