Social media marketing strategy FAQ

What is a social media strategy?

A social media strategy refers to a businessโ€™ overall game plan for attracting and finding new customers on social media. A clear social strategy should guide your tactics, help you stand out, and track successes and failures. It should revolve around your businessโ€™ value proposition, which is what you stand for, how you operate, and why people should buy from your business.

Why is a social media strategy important?

A social media plan will keep your business on track while building a social presence. The major benefits of social media marketing include: better branding, higher customer loyalty, more conversions, improved customer support, and extra traffic to your website.

What are the main social media marketing strategies?

    • User-generated content
    • Product lifestyle shots
    • Video marketing
    • Livestream
    • Influencer marketing

How do you create an effective social media strategy?

    1. Set goals that are relevant to your business.
    2. Identify your target audience.
    3. Determine important metrics and KPIs.
    4. Create your content mix.
    5. Choose your social media channels.
    6. Plan your content.
    7. Track performance.

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