Custom LOGO Lash Box *30 FREE SHIPING

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1. How to start my laser printing custom eyelash boxes order?

In the simplest case, just Provide Your LOGO and the Eyelash Packaging Boxes in Stock Style You Choose.
We will make a good design drawing for you. After you confirm the design, you can wait for the customized eyelash packaging to be completed!
Please contact us by clicking the WhatsApp icon on the right after payment!
You can also send your request to our Email:

2. How many custom eyelash boxes options do you have?

You can refer to the Lash Boxes Catalog, all “one pair eyelashes” packages are available for you to choose from.
Window Lash Box
Diamond Lash Box
Rectangular Lash Box
(This order is only for eyelashes box, not including eyelashes)

3. Do you provide LOGO design?

Yes, we provide Free LOGO Design service. You can refer to the “Shortcut Lash LOGO” page to quickly create your LOGO.

4. How long does it take to produce Customized Lash Box?

Usually, after confirming the design drawing, it takes 3-5 working days for the production workshop to produce customized eyelash packaging for you.

5. Which transportation method do you use and how long will it take?

We will choose to use Fedex or DHL or UPS Express services according to your location. After delivery, we will send you the express tracking number, and you can check the shipment progress based on the tracking number. Usually, after we ship the goods, you will receive the Your Custom Lash Box within about five working days.

6. If I buy the eyelashes and the box at the same time, can you help me assemble them?

Yes, if you buy eyelashes and boxes from us, Giovanni Lashes will install them for you for free. This will save you a lot of money and time.

The laser printing box is laser printed from the stock box.
A pair of custom eyelash boxes are made of cardboard and magnets. In the laser printing process, its production time can be as short as three days, which is about ten days faster than traditional custom eyelash boxes. Starting eyelash business quickly is the best option.
You can add the desired pattern and logo on the front of the eyelash box. It can help you improve your product image and showcase your corporate style.
We have many styles of stock eyelash boxes to choose from. You can buy the LOGO directly and send it to us, or you can directly click WhatsApp to contact us.

Can I custom eyelash boxes for eyelashes based on the LOGO I provided?

Yes, we can customize eyelash packaging for you according to your LOGO. We will design your LOGO to the box style you choose. We will send the design drawings to you for confirmation before starting production. Only after confirming the design drawings can we start production.

Shortcut Lash LOGO

If I have a better idea, can I change the previous custom eyelash boxes design for eyelashes?

Yes, you can change the design drawing before confirming production. We can partially modify your design drawings until you are satisfied. After confirming the design drawings, we will start producing customized packaging for your eyelashes.
If you want to completely overturn your design drawings, we still offer three opportunities. You can completely negate the previous design. In order to respect the work of our designers, complete modifications to more than three projects require additional design costs.


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