What are the best false eyelashes?

This is the age of “False Lashes“. False lashes have been around for many many years. But now, especially during the recent “lash craze”, there are so many different types of false eyelashes. You have strip lashes, lash extensions, individual lashes, silk lashes, mink lashes, faux mink, synthetic lashes, etc. If that isn’t enough to decide on, you also have to choose the length, the volume, style, etc. It can be overwhelming. In this article we hope to help you better understand the popular false lashes and which are the best false lashes to buy.


First, the best false lashes are going to depend on you and your preferences. But there are some key points you should know that make some false lashes better than others. Below we break down the different false lashes.


Let’s get straight to the point. In our opinion Mink lashes are superior than any other false lash. They are better quality, because it’s mink fur, it is softer, lighter and has a natural color that isn’t too glossy. Mink lashes look the most real and they are more comfortable to wear. Most importantly, they are beautiful because the hair can easily take dimensional layering of the hair, creating a 3D look with fuzzy, wispy ends.

Length of wear: Up to 24 wears with proper care

Price: moderate to expensive

3D09L, looking for wholesale eyelash suppliers, go to Giovanni lashes
3D09L, looking for wholesale eyelash suppliers, go to Giovanni lashes

Silk lashes are made from a synthetic fiber PBT. The Silk lashes are also pretty and come in many styles as well as 3D like Mink lashes, but because of the synthetic fiber, silk lashes aren’t as fuzzy and the hairs tend to thin out at the ends. The silk lashes are more affordable than mink and last up to 20 wears. although silk lashes are made from synthetic fibers, they tend to be a better quality than most synthetic lashes and they are lightweight.

Length of wear: Up to 20 wears with proper care

Price: moderate


Faux mink lashes are meant to imitate real mink lashes. They are made from polysynthetic fibers or silk fibers, they are not made from mink. They are very similar to silk lashes and look the same a silk lashes. Faux mink lashes are a more price friendly alternative to mink lashes. They last up to 20 wears. There are slight differences from the real mink, they don’t have the same fuzzy look and aren’t as soft but they are a good alternative.

Length of wear: Up to 20 wears with proper care

Price: moderate


These lashes are the most common and have been around for years, you can find them in most grocery stores or pharmacy’s. They are made from a man made plastic and are very affordable. Synthetic lashes are glossy black and the lashes lay more flat and even . These lashes last up to 6 wears. Synthetic lashes look the least natural and tend to be heavier and more stiff.

Length of wear: Up to 6 wears with proper care

Price: in-expensive


False lashes are usually referred as strip lashes, lashes with a band and you glue on temporarily. Lash extensions are individual lashes and semi-permanent. They require maintenance and usually you need a fill every 3 weeks. Like false lashes, lash extensions have different types of lash fibers.

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Now you know the difference between the different false lashes available, BUT not all lashes are made the same. The quality of the lash will depend on the manufacturer and of course it will also be up to your style preference.

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