How to remove your 3D mink eyelashes ?

How to remove your 3D mink eyelashes ?

The first method:

Step 1: Wipe the myopia remover to ensure that the swab is fully saturated.

Step 2: Gently wipe the upper eyelid with a cotton swab, and then slowly wipe the outer contour of the eye, from the outer contour to the inner contour, gently make a small circle, the remover will slowly melt the glue.

Step 3: Use a cotton swab to gently wipe the eyeliner ten times, then pinch the root of the 3D mink eyelashes with your thumb and index finger. Eyelashes are easily removed.

Step 4: After removing the eyelashes, we wipe the upper eyelid with makeup remover once to remove the remaining glue.

Finally, wash your eyes and face with warm water, then clean the remaining scavenger.

The second method: remove with steam and olive oil.

Step 1: Bring a pot of hot water to steam the eyelashes. At this time, the face is facing the steam, and the surrounding steam is close to the face. The hot steam helps loosen false eyelashes.

Step 2: To moisten the olive oil with a cotton ball or cotton pad, wipe the root of the eyelashes with a cotton ball, taking care not to hurt your eyes. Wipe the eyelashes until the false eyelashes completely fall off.

And the key factor is buy good quality 3D mink lashes first, then you can use around 25 times. Contact 3D mink eyelashes wholesale Giovanni Lashes .


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