How to identify Mink Lashes and Silk Lashes lashes material?

How to tell what lashes material your eyelashes are made of ?

How to tell which eyelashes your eyelashes are made of? If you are ready to start an eyelash business and looking for an mink lashes vendor, you need to learn how to distinguish the material of the eyelashes. You can gain this knowledge at Giovanni Lashes.

Mink Lashes

Mink Lashes are made of Mink hair. The Mink hair used by Mink lashes is usually the hair on the mink tail, because the hair in this part is relatively long and has a beautiful appearance.

Mink Lashes' mink hair comes from the mink tail
Mink Lashes’ mink hair comes from the mink tail

So how to identify Mink hair? Mink hair is natural hair, so the thickness of each hair will be different. If you buy real Mink lashes, then you will find that every hair is different.

Mink hair has a good shape without being frizzy and distorted. To identify whether the Mink eyelashes you bought are using fine mink hair, you can look at the end of your false eyelashes. If it is mink lashes made by high-quality Mink hair, the end of the false eyelashes has a complete tip. If it is cheap raw materials, the ends of false eyelashes are usually broken.

Poor quality eyelashes usually have no tip. This is because cheap raw materials are used.
Poor quality eyelashes usually have no tip. This is because cheap raw materials are used.

Silk Lashes

Silk Lashes are usually made of raw materials such as chemical fibers. Because this raw material comes from the assembly line of the lashes factory, every hair of it is the same thickness and length. The entire false eyelashes look obvious industrial style.

Silk Lashes is very neat.
Silk Lashes is very neat.

Chemical fiber materials are fibers made from natural or synthetic polymer materials. So we can easily identify them by burning.

If your false eyelashes are made of Mink hair, when you burn them, it will burn at a slower rate and emit a protein-burning smell ( just like burning your own hair) .

And if you burn Silk Lashes, they will burn quickly and curl up into a small ball after being ignited. Burn Silk lashes and you will smell a smell of plastic. ( Don’t burn them with your hands)

I believe that after reading this article, you will learn how to identify false eyelashes quickly. Hope this article will help you.

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