How to care for your 3D mink lashes ?

Once you find false eyelashes, you will find that it is really a good thing. Of course, it may take some time to master the application process, but once it’s done, there is nothing better than the perfect framing frame at your fingertips. We especially like Giovanni Lashes’s series of mink hair, these eyelashes are hand-made from super soft, cruelty-free mink hair with almost no weight on our lids. Read these to learn how to keep your Giovanni Lashes in like-new condition for up to 25 wears.

Be gentle

Lashes should be handled lightly. When picking them up, grab the band and grab them, avoiding mink as much as possible. Do not pull or drag while applying or removing. If you find it difficult to remove the eyelashes on the eyelids, moisten a cotton swab with water, then gently wipe the tape to loosen the glue.

Occasionally clean

If the dry glue sticks to the lash band, gently peel it off with your fingertips. Remember, don’t pull or pull the band. We recommend wiping the lashes every two to three times.

Say no to soaking

Immersion of eyelashes in water, makeup remover, alcohol or any other liquid may cause damage. As in the last step, gently remove the dry glue from the strap with your fingertips to clean the velvet eyelashes.

Be careful with mascara

Mascara can damage mink, so don’t apply it directly to your lashes. Instead, apply mascara on the lashes and let them dry before applying velvet mascara.

Proper storage is key

Store your eyelashes in their original packaging to ensure they are safe, clean and free from dust, dirt and bacteria. This will also help keep its shape worn after wear.

Giovanni Lashes is professional 3D mink eyelashes factory from China. We produce lashes, teach clients how to start mink lashes business and keep good quality always.

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