How to apply individual 3D mink eyelashes yourself ?

How to apply individual 3D mink eyelashes yourself ?

Eyelashes have recently become a popular beauty accessory for many women. They come in three main types, mink, synthetic and silk. Mink lashes are considered the most effective lashes for their good texture and durability, but they are also slightly more expensive than other lashes on the market. Now tell you how to install 3D mink eyelashes.

First, you can buy fluffy, natural and good quality lashes to wear. Then install lashes as following steps,

Step 1

First, we should start with applying eyeliner and mascara on pure lashes. Then use the mink wink eyelash applicator to select the lashes in the tray and gently place it on the eyeline to match the number of eyes. They should be placed so that any overlapping components fall to the outside of the eye, and then they should be trimmed gently to fit the eye’s cycle.

Step 2

Use a mink eyelash applicator to pick your eyelashes, lightly apply some glue to the eyelash straps, and then wait about 30 seconds to allow time to dry or get acceptable adhesion.

Step 3

Raise your chin slightly to apply a mink lashes slightly above the natural lash line. Use with the applicator mink eyelashes are now on sale at a discount, hurry up to catch the mink eyelashes until the glue dries, then release the applicator. Blend natural lashes with mink lashes by hand to improve appearance.

Step 4

It is important to ensure that the mink lashes stay well on the lash line. If they continue to lift, additional glue may be needed on the separated parts. After applying, keep it dry, then put on some eyeliner to restore the look.

Maintenance of Mink Eyelashes

To extend the life of mink eyelashes, it is recommended to avoid soaking, washing or applying mascara on them. Eyelash glue is the best, and eyelash tape can be effective. Avoid pulling individual eyelashes to maximize their life. Avoid using petroleum-based cleaning products, and brushing your teeth often will help. After application, avoid exposure to moisture for the next 48 hours. With proper maintenance, 3D mink eyelashes can be reused up to 25 times with amazing results.


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