Different types of false eyelashes

Different types of false eyelashes

When it comes to the world of false eyelashes, there are many options. Whether you’re wearing fakes or just starting your false eyelashes journey, we are here to help you make the process smooth, clear and concise, providing not only an informative guide, but also comments as fair as possible.

False eyelashes often differ in the following areas,

Materials, styles and effects.

Materials commonly used for false eyelashes include some type of synthetic fiber, mink or human hair. Synthetic eyelashes are sometimes referred to as “silk,” but these choices are not actually derived from silk, but instead are substitutes for synthetic fibers. Silk is too soft to maintain its shape and shape, which is why it is necessary to comprehensively develop silk.

synthetic fiber:

The only guarantee is no cruelty
Not as soft or smooth as other real hair
Keep curled even when exposed to water or moisture
Esqido offers its Unisyn series of synthetic fibers
Huda Beauty also offers synthetic fiber lash lines
All Eylure eyelashes are cruelty-free and made of synthetic fibers

Human hair:

Technically cruel, because it ’s humane and not animal
Not commonly used material
Does not curl when exposed to water
Ardell offers multiple 100% human hair options


Not cruel
These eyelashes are very soft and lightweight
Usually more expensive than comprehensive
Does not curl when exposed to water
Esqido and Huda Beauty both offer a variety of mink eyelashes

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