Since Eyelash Extensions Are Very Developed, Do You Need Strip Eyelashes?

Since Eyelash Extensions Are Very Developed, Do You Need Strip Eyelashes?

For beautiful girls, beauty is our life. Makeup is an essential air in our lives.eyelash extensions and strip eyelashes can make us more beautiful.

Now that the beauty industry has developed so well, any cosmetics have made revolutionary progress. Just like false eyelashes, there used to be only a pair of silk eyelashes, not sharp eyelashes. It is not very natural to wear. Now, this pair of real silk eyelashes has become rounded, there are 3D real silk eyelashes, mink false eyelashes, horsehair real silk eyelashes, 3D mink false eyelashes and so on.

Not only is the false eyelashes peeled off, but now eyelash extensions are very common, artificial mink eyelash extensions, Russian curl eyelash extensions, 2D-20D fan curl eyelash extensions, one second fan eyelash extensions, and so on. The eyelash extensions are placed on our own eyelashes and are no different from our own eyelashes. There is no discomfort at all. Do we still need strip eyelashes? Of course we need!

First of all, the cost of eyelash extension is very expensive, because it needs to be completely handmade to help you with eyelash extension, and the price ranges from $80 to $300. The price of a pair of strip eyelashes is only a few dollars to twenty dollars.

Secondly, it takes a long time to extend eyelashes, usually from more than half an hour to two hours. In today’s fast-paced society, many people find it difficult to take the time to expand their eyelashes. It only takes a few minutes to get strip eyelashes.

Finally, there are few styles of eyelash extensions, which may not always be the case for your hairstylist. There are hundreds of styles of strip eyelashes. If you are willing to choose, you will not miss the strip lashes.

Beauty, if you want to join the beauty industry, if you want to engage in eyelash wholesale business, if you are looking for a reliable eyelash manufacturer, please contact us and try samples. I promise you will love our eyelashes!

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